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The Moment Is Now: Do More Than Just Survive Your Single Years, Practical Tips to Live Them for God's Glory

Have you been wandering around aimlessly, waiting for Mr. Right to come sweep you off your feet? Have you spent tear-filled nights scrolling through countless Instagram snapshots, wondering when it will be your turn to say “I Do”?

This heartfelt and inspiring book will show you how to do more than just survive this time of singleness. You will learn not only why this time of singleness is a gift but more importantly, how to live it out fully.

Praise for The Moment Is Now

"I couldn't put this book down. I read it cover to cover in a single sitting. As a fellow single lady, I found myself nodding, laughing, and even CRYING throughout." -Bree

"...Lisa beautifully witnesses to the struggle but true joy that comes from living a life with Christ... this book will challenge and encourage anyone seeking to follow Him - single or not!" -Jessica

"I felt like I was having an intimate heart to heart with her and sharing in her struggles and triumphs..." -Brit

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In this book, Lisa opens up about her own struggles during her 20's to find contentment with her place in life. It is equal parts a sharing of everyday joys and frustrations, and a testament to how God works in and through small moments to reveal himself in our lives. It is especially relatable to young women and men, looking for direction and longing for more.

About Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie is a convert to the Catholic faith, a teacher, and a joyful witness of God's love. In her own words:

God has placed a call on my heart—to focus my time and energy primarily on sharing with teens and young adults the common desire that God has for each of us: our call to sainthood.

In discerning my own vocation, I've seen God work through my "singleness" in a powerful way to impact the lives of those whom God has placed in my path through ministry. I am so excited to be able to share about my journey so far in my new book, The Moment Is Now: Do More Than Just Survive Your Single Years, Practical Tips to Live Them for God's Glory.

Having been raised without religious faith, Lisa Marie was just an average college student when God called her home to the Catholic Church in 2005, and she has been serving in youth and young adult ministry ever since. Throughout the past decade, she discovered both a passion and a knack for sharing the Word of God and the beauty of the Catholic faith through public speaking.

For her talks, Lisa Marie blends a love for the Catechism and the beauty of the Catholic faith with relatable stories and practical advice for living a Christian life.

She recently moved to Colorado Springs to begin a new chapter of her journey, and is so excited for what God has in store for her. She will continue speaking.

"He calls us to be His: He wants us all to be saints. Dear young people, may it be your holy ambition to be holy, as He is holy." St. John Paul II
Lisa Marie Hunt
Lisa Marie teaching on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and speaking to kids at a high school retreat.
Lisa Marie speaking in front of youth at a Catholic retreat.


From Professional Ministers

"Lisa Hunt holds a deep love for the Church and is a vibrant, joyful witness to Christ's love. She is a sincere and authentic voice for faith in a world desperately seeking Truth."

Chris Mueller, President and Founder of 242Revolution Ministries

"The teens in my small group loved how genuine Lisa was. They were engaged the whole time! They loved hearing a convert's story. It was out of the norm as far as talks go."

Nicole Alvarez, CORE Team Member, Diocese of San Diego

From Teens and Young Adults

"Lisa Marie is such an amazing speaker. It takes a lot for someone to really hit my emotions and connect with me through a talk, and Lisa Marie was able to do that the first time I heard her speak on a retreat. The Lord has given her a gift through her words!"

Jocelyn, 20 years old

"Hey Lisa! It was so great to meet you this weekend. I found a lot of inspiration through you and I think it is because I could feel God's love radiating from you so immensely. Not only am I planning a visit to a convent next month but I have chosen my first 'S' to be scriptural reading every day for this week and I plan to add on another 'S' next week."

Monica, Teen

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Her prepared messages revolve around:

The universal call to holiness.

Living your single years to their fullest.

These topics can be modified to fit your event's unique theme and audience. Most popular types of events include:

  • High school retreats
  • Confirmation retreats
  • College retreats
  • Young adult retreats
  • Women's retreats
  • Nights of reflection

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